We have extensive experience with thermochronologic data collection, modeling, and interpretation. We have done the complete analysis (from mapping and sampling, through sample processing and analytical measurements, to modeling and interpretation) on several fault systems across the globe. We have also done 2D and 3D finite element modeling of several rift and thrust systems.

Additionally, we have been working with Ecopetrol for several years on various thermochronology modeling projects, predominantly developing FetKin, a thermochronological finite element model that uses sequential balanced cross-sections. Much of our work on FetKin has been working to integrate Ecopetrol's large thermochronology datasets with FetKin in an automated way, Bayesian parameter estimation using FetKin (for structural as well as thermal parameters) via parallel modeling on a cluster, and exploring various aspects of thermochronology statistics.

Geothermal Modeling

We also are interested in spinning our experience in thermokinematic modeling (i.e., making computer models of the earth including the coupled thermal and deformational fields through time) into multi-dimensional thermal models of the crust for geothermal energy. The goal here is to have a geology- and physics-based 3D section of the earth with temperature and heat flow fields that can be used as inputs for smaller-scale studies. This is on the horizon, with little development; however, with some outside interest, it could be developed more quickly.