Earth Analysis

Badass Geoanalytics

Earth Analysis is a small earth science research firm based in Seattle, WA. Currently, we engage in research related to tectonics and faulting, and develop software for thermokinematic modeling.


We're very experienced in many aspects of neotectonics and active deformation studies, from stress, strain and slip rate estimation to neotectonic mapping.


We maintain a strong research interest into thermochronology, particularly with applications to tectonics. We have a multifaceted approach to thermochronology that combines innovative crustal modeling with robust statistics.

Geothermal Modeling

We are working on making large-scale (state-sized) crustal thermal models, to be used as boundary conditions for site-specific geothermal analyses.

Academic Research

We are always open to research collaborations. Current projects in the pipeline include upper crustal stress field esitmation, linking fault slip rate histories to continental convergence dynamics, the characteristic statistical distribution of (U-Th)/He grain analyses, and more.